How to Spot the Online Fakers, Takers, Money Makers & World Changers

That’s right. Say fakers, takers, money makers, and world changers 5 times fast. Then see if they all blend together or if you can tell the difference.


The harsh truth of doing business online is that not everyone or every company out there is legitimate or genuine. Not every entrepreneur out there wants to start a blog that matters or make their dent in the universe. Some of them just want your money.


So how do you spot the difference? How do you recognize the online snakes in suits versus the professionals that you should take advice from?


Here is an outline of these characters so that you can strategize your defence. Yes, some of the characteristics overlap, but this is a general guide to the genuine professionals versus the money snatchers.




Fakers pretend to speak the language but have no clue what they are saying. They use big words like ‘conversion’ ‘optimization’ and ‘cohesive strategies’ without really understanding what those words mean to your business. They will wine you and dine you with temptation of the promise land.


They have the flashy, shiny objects on their websites with clashing colors because they want you to be so overwhelmed and confused, that you click the red “buy now” button just to make the head-spinning stop.


They may look pretty on the outside, but have little value on the inside. They will make you promises about earning your dream amount in a short time period with very little work. How realistic does that sound?


Ploys like “Make 500k your first 3 months JUST by clicking this button 5 times” Are designed to suck you in like a black hole. Because really, 500k, 3 months, clicking a button! Who does that NOT sound good to?


Hopefully your ‘inner voice’ intercedes that the offer sounds too good to be true, because you know what? It is. Do you think that Leo Baubata became one of the world’s most successful bloggers by clicking a button 5 times? I’m no where close to Leo’s level but I can tell you that there was a little more work involved than that.




Our next group on the chopping block are the takers. These people may genuinely have lots of letters at the end of their name backing up what they say they can do, but they are more focused on them than you.


They have joined the game to make more money, to become more successful, to increase their online profile. They want to benefit themselves.


They ask you to follow them, tweet them, buy their book, take their course and ‘like’ their page, but they provide little in return.


They don’t engage enough with their audience or even care enough about them. They want you to help them, instead of the other way around.


They may be brilliant and have written a best-selling book that the world loves, (and for that reason they will always have believers, and they will always make sales,) but they get what they need from you and move on to their next ‘thing.’ This also means they won’t go away.




Here is where we start to get into some legitimate professionals that you can learn from. These are the strategists, who use ‘conversion,’ ‘optimization,’ and ‘cohesive strategies,’ and then they give away the free tool to help you “DO” those things.


Then you get an email from them (because of course you subscribed to get the free tools,) giving you a 25% discount on their book titled “How to Convert & Optimize Your Business using Cohesive Strategies.” So of course you buy the book, I mean it’s 25% off. That’s how smart they are.


In other words, the money makers are geniuses with their business, their strategies, their marketing and how to make some money sharing their methods with you.


The difference from the shady characters discussed before comes in that they actually do care about their audience. They want to provide value to you and they will do tests and experiments to determine how best to do that. They invest in the relationship they have with you.


But they also know how to maximize the value they provide to make some money. I mean everyone has bills to pay, so we don’t begrudge them their hard-earned cash. We buy their books so that we can learn how to repeat their methods and get their results.


This leads to another big difference. These experts aren’t afraid to publish income reports, or give proceeds to charity. They don’t tell you their way is the best way (usually,) they tell you “this is how I did it and I want to help you do it too.” Then they show us the proof & results and do the interviews & podcasts in the spirit of complete transparency & authenticity.




The world changers are the most awe-inspiring of the bunch. They go from a book review blog to a revolution that leads thousands of followers to follow their passions. They empower people with sermons on life & liberation.


They inspire insurgencies and escapes, and are based on values so intrinsically linked to their founders as to be inseparable. They are blogs that matter.


This is not to say that blogs in any other category don’t matter, as I said in the beginning there are definitely overlaps. But the world changers get out there and get their hands dirty in a grass-roots/hometown way and then they replicate that on a global scale.



Someone challenges them to accomplish something new and they say “when would you like it done by.” They push boundaries and force their audience to take action by following their example.


There is no question that they care deeply for their audience and would continue their pursuits without any or little monetary compensation. They have bills to pay too, but they are so dedicated to their cause that it’s not a primary concern.





Here’s the thing: The money makers and world changers? They’re not afraid to give away their best stuff for free. They know the value, they are aware of their own worth and they genuinely want to help people. So what should you watch out for to spot the less savoury characters on the web?



  • Look at the Design of the Website: Determine functionality & purpose v. attention & distraction.

  • Examine your Relationship: Are you getting value from the subscription/services?

  • Watch the Engagement: Does the expert interact and reply to comments/emails or are you talking to yourself?

  • Look at the Language: Does the expert seem to understand what they are talking about, or are big words used for show?

  • Beware of Ploys: Don’t get sucked into a black hole. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Measure the Genuine Factor: How transparent & authentic is the expert being?


If you want to optimize your time on the web and build a cohesive strategy for your business, do me a favour: Stay away from the fakers and the takers.


My advice for what it’s worth? Go into this online life with a world changer mentality and adopt some money maker methods on the way.


Talk to me in the comments! What’s your strategy for who you trust and follow online?


Great post Jo! Love this topic! Bought tons of Faker and Money Maker courses in my day. Learn how not to do it :). Thanks for the great read!


    Thanks for stopping by Omar! You are so right, we live and learn in the beginning and pass those lessons on to others as we grow into our online roles, but I think we have all been taken in by a faker or two!! Definitely need to keep an eye out!

      That is SOOOO funny. I don’t know why kids hate for their mom and dad to kiss. My little one acts like he’s the only one that can kiss me, it’s so funny.We used to tease my daughter and say we found her on the doorstep and I wa7#sn821&;t really her mom. It used to be so funny until she started crying one day. Lol. Now we tease her about her crying about it and she gets mad. LOL Kids are funny.


    Thank you Cocoashutter. I recently moved to the US and all my recipe books are in storage including Pos&7ai#821n;p. Googled to find this, one of my favourites, and found you. You are a lifesaver! Am now following your blog.

      Melanie Amaro can sing anything. Her voice, her range, her intensity is very unique. She is the winner. I promise you. Melanie Amaro will become very famous and a minirolaile!

Great post. I’d like to add another category. Really nice people who are aiming to help you make money online. Yes, I know, they aren’t really fakers, or con artists. I believe they have a genuine desire to encourage newbies BUT at the end of the day they are running a business and need to make money.

I’m not going to mention anyone in particular but they are easily recognisable. They target the newbie market and often reassure potential customers by pointing out that they are definitely NOT “get rich quick merchants”. That comes across as them being direct and open but there is still a fundamental dishonesty in what they do.

Typically they run a membership site (27, 37, 47 dollars a month – yes always ends in a 7 🙂
They actually benefit from their “be cautious, be patient” style because they tell new members that they have to persevere for 6 or 12 months before seeing any success. In the meantime they get them to sign up to web hosting (they all think HostGator is THE best, except for the ones that have negotiated even higher affiliate payments from BlueHost) and, of course they recommend software and add-ons that will help you succeed (all of which earn them money).

After 3, 6 or 12 months and having made zilch the newbie abandons the attempt to make money online and leaves the membership site. But it’s OK because Mr Nice Guy has a constant stream of new members coming on board. He maintains a level of 1, 2, 3 K members and makes a very nice income of 20, 40, 50 K dollars a month. Sweet! The fact that something like 97% of members will actually not only make NO money but will be out of pocket by a few hundred dollars is downplayed. And of the remaining 3% only a tiny number will manage to earn more than they could working in a minimum wage job.

Ethical and honest? That depends on how cynical you are, I guess. But the brutal reality is that many of the “gurus” and IM trainers (including many of the “NIce Guys”) out there make their money from people who ultimately fail and who can least afford to spend money on their products.


    Hi Mike! Thanks, I’m glad you liked the post! You’re right, not everyone fits exactly into the categories mentioned. There are overlaps and intermingles for all of them. The trick is definitely to spot the genuine articles who want to help people, and yes make some money (everyone has bills right?) There are also the ‘sneaky salesman’ similar to what you have described. The number “7” can definitely play a factor, but be careful of the “9’s” as well 😉 I know that people struggle with courses, and that’s why I hope the reviews I am doing will help (email me if you have any specific questions on courses!) This post gives some good tips on choosing a course! How to Choose an Online Course Without Going Broke Thank you so much for the thoughtful response!

      This post is EXCELLENT. As I always tell people just because you have had a Twitter account for 20 minutes does not make you certified social media expert .I think it’s great to use social media for personal consumption , but you also need to have the training and/or experience to use social media as a marketing tool. Thanks again for a great post.

      Mám z palírny 80% pálenku. Mohu ji takto skladovat? Budou probíhat stárnoucí procesy? Skladuji v demic¾Ã³neÅh se vzduchovou bublinou. Jde mi o to, že když nechám pálenku teď neÅ™edÄ›nou, tak bych to pak mohl Å™edit až pÅ™i lahvování jaksi "na míru" pro každého, jak by chtÄ›l, až když bych mu dával placatku na cestu.

Fakers and Takers are everywhere. Specially in the online world. A lot of schemes that goes around, but there are also a lot of great genuine people who honestly just want to help.

The key is to find those genuine people and connect with them. It’s like they say, “We cant’s help everyone but everyone can help someone.”

Great read Jo.


    That’s a great point Herby! There is definitely a variety out there and you emphasized the importance of finding the genuine ones and connecting with them.Thanks so much for the great comments.

      That was a very coivherensmpe review! You know how badly I want to learn this program and it seems like the video is a big plus for this!SketchUp does seem to be gaining some ground among the 3D drawing programs. And to think the program is free is amazing!


    – felt great. I have a feeling a new PR is on the houo.inzbrt that metcon. I’m fairly certain I had the longest time of the day. While I did all the pistols unassisted, wall balls and I have a long way to go…

Hi Jo

So true. Thankfully I did a bit of research, kept my ear to the ground, and kept hearing the same few names coming up over and over again. I Googled reviews about them, and signed up for their blog posts, and got to find out a bit more about the people I was thinking of investing in. Touch-wood, this seems to have worked for me.



    Hi Helen!! That’s awesome that you did some research before diving in! Very important step! Thanks for commenting! Jo!!

Great post Jo. I like the overview, and will use it for a self check.


    Awesome to hear Adrienne!! Thanks for the comment! Jo

      Hej. ÅšcÅ‚…gnÄ™iÄam sobie wlasnie bot o nazwie Romadoria Helper, w sumie wszystko dziala jak ta lala, plik skanowany przez autora na virustotal czy jakos tak i nic nie wykazaÅ‚o. Przydatne bo posiada automatyczne dodawanie do kolejki budowania, nawet dla darmowego konta – takiego jak ja mam!!!!!!


    Ya Allah kapan yah ane bisa menempuh jalan terbaik itu jika belum ditemukan jodoh ya2M28212;—&#8h1#;&ari terus memperbaiki diri dan semoga segera ya, Mas Opick. Aamiin…

It does take a lot of due dilligence to see all that but people are hot to earn passive income and go straight into these traps.

I’ve done a lot of research into that topic and because I’m a linguist, my first observation was how their language is spun. They are able to talk about single motivating purpose to help people, and in the next sentence they refer to you as ‘eyeballs’.

That’s very distinctive, especially in podcasts when they speak fast and often don’t notice these ‘moments of truth’.
I noticed that even long-timers, loved and respected people have dirty secrets. They come out because of what they do: talk talk talk. There’s always a slip somewhere.


    You are so right Sylvia! People want quick results so they make quick decisions! Hopefully with this site and the research I will do and provide I can help some people make more educated decisions! Way to look out for the signs, and thanks so much for sharing your research and insights! Take care, Jo


Great and note-worthy post Jo. This inspires me further to be NOT one of those Fakers & Takers. I’ll be like light and salt to the online community as Jesus commanded. One site I’ve always loved is ericstips(dot)com which I want to emulate and thus serve online income seekers.
God bless.


    Thanks for stopping by John! I’m sure everyone can appreciate those aspiring to follow your example! I have never heard of that site, but will definitely take a look! Thanks again, Jo

      Thanks Amid,I'm practicing your suggestion to do deeper analysis for my re;sIrd.e&#39am looking for your further guides. Perhaps more practical guide in expressing good value in writing.I hope Google provide "Writing Session" to webmasters the same as new launch Google guide for online business. I think this is a good idea.I'm appreciate your guide!

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