In The Know Manifesto

ITKWJ Manifesto

Research is relevant for everyone, on many different levels. For businesses and entrepreneurs, whether you are writing a book, a blog post, hunting for clients, or providing a service, research is at the base of everything that you do. This manifesto outlines my thoughts on research and why you should choose to be in the know!

Make the decision to be IN THE KNOW,

because research is KNOWLEDGE, and Knowledge is POWER.

THINK Differently & Exercise your MIND.

Don’t be afraid of the UNKNOWN, Information is FUEL for your BRAIN.

RESEARCH is relevant, because if you fail to PREPARE, you are preparing to fail.

Do not underestimate your capacity to learn & EXPAND your capacity to know MORE!

Question everything to fill in the GAPS.

Research means to RE SEARCH!

S T R E T C H your limits.


If you want to BE more, LEARN more.

TEACH what you Know & Learn what you don’t.

Nothing is LOST forever.

SEEK and you shall FIND.

The DEEPER You DIG, the more you will find.

Research will help you STAND OUT from the crowd & find your COMPETITIVE EDGE.

Choose to be in the KNOW.

Exercise PATIENCE, but enjoy the HUNT!


These are the principles I stand by as I hunt down information for you, and significant points you need to consider as you dig for information yourself.

Whether you are looking for a needle in a haystack or trying to identify data that is most relevant, there is an almost unlimited amount of information out there at your disposal.

Follow the breadcrumbs home to the information you want and let me show you the way. There is a great free Stalker Research Guide coming your way! Make the choice to be in the know! 


Awesome manifesto Jo! Really love the message and focus on research, growth, and pushing the limits!


    Thanks Dave 🙂

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