Wading Through an Online Identity Crisis

1011623_10151562684551980_1428431426_nThis has been a pretty crazy few weeks for me. I dove into my online life and didn’t spend the quality time necessary to consider my focus week after week. I also felt like I could write about anything and everything to a certain extent. Sound familiar?


I knew what I was passionate about and what I had to say and wanted to create, but I didn’t stop to consider my brand, and I didn’t think about building my brand into a business. In other words, I didn’t do one of the most important things to do when creating an online life, maybe the most important thing.


Your brand is you in the online world and it should be treated with the relevant reverence. I caution you to take the time needed to really consider what you want to represent online. Consider what you really want to write about and focus on. Then build everything around that.


What if you are already up and running online but still struggling to really nail down your focus, or online identity? Take a breather and back-up a few steps. Nail down the focus, outline your future direction and go from there. Design and all the fun creative stuff can follow. If you feel like your current brand is not the right fit for the new focus then decide if you want to develop a new site from scratch or if you want to transfer what you have. The most important thing is being true to you and making your vision become a reality.


The great thing about doing anything online is that you can change directions fairly painlessly. This site for me was a place I could introduce myself to the online world and have clips to link for freelance opportunities, but it is so much more than that. It is my transition world where I want to help you filter out quality from caution online.


The past few weeks have been inspirational and eye opening for me. In order to fully embrace my online vision I am developing an entirely new blog that centers on a topic important to everyone. The new blog is something I am incredibly passionate about and have high hopes for. I started with the idea and the brand and developed a business plan around that to really squeeze all the potential I can out of this new venture. These steps are important, they help you to really focus on what is important to you and why it should be important to other people, and therefore, why they should read and subscribe to your blog.


This blog, as a result, will have a more streamlined focus centering on creating an online life and navigating the online world. The internet creates massive information overload and it can be overwhelming and challenging to wade through quality from caution online. I am immersing myself online and am going to navigate the online waters for you and give you the in the know knowledge that you need.


Someone recently told me that there is no wrong way to do things, it is whatever way works for YOU.  I fully embrace that and am happy with the way things have worked out so far. By developing this blog first, it will allow you to witness the growth and potential envisioned for this site. The focus is streamlined, the logo is coming and the design is getting tweaked every day (so bare with me!)


Learning and growing online is a never-ending process. Eventually, a focus may change, design may need to be refreshed or new methods employed. Everyone will go through this. The bottom line when going through an identity crisis is to make sure you are being true to you and everything else will follow in time with your hard work. The possibilities are endless!

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