Welcome: Why YOU Should be In The Know!

The motto for this site is: I’ll do the Research. You Take Care of Business.


That message is behind everything that is and will be presented to you on In The Know with Jo. Whether it’s a fabulous topic post researched and written on optimal posting times (or another topic,) an inspirational background story motivating you to stretch your potential, or research tips to find your competitive edge.


Everything you see here is researched fully and thoroughly before it gets presented to you.


Why? Because research is relevant. I’m going to bring you research hacks to complete your searches faster and better. I’m also going to tackle the online noise and bring you the information that you need to know to bring your blog or business to the next level. The information that you crave, but have problems pinning down.


The information that will help you to stand out from the crowd.


How Does Research Affect You?

Research affects everyone.

Whether you are working on a book, a blog post or planning a major event or project, everything that you gather to make your plan come into action and help you succeed? That’s research.

Research is the knowledge that you arm yourself with to go into battle. It’s the power you are given enabling you to strategize, and what allows you to implement your plan. Do not underestimate its importance.


How Will This Site Help You?

Research can also be tedious, time consuming and in some cases, boring. This site will alleviate those concerns.

I will enable you to spend your time doing what you are good at and building the business that you love, while I do the research that you hate. Whether you need advice on courses, books to read, or someone to decipher a mountain of information, I want to help.

Check out the blog or reviews to help you make a decision, email me, or hire me. I am here to help you spend more time on your business while I navigate the online noise and bring you the in the know information that you need. I will collect and analyze the information for you and give you what you need to know to maximize your online presence!


So What Can You Expect?

There are meaty and tasty posts in your future. Here is what you’ll be seeing:

  • Reviews on courses and books designed to help you build and grow your business.

  • Round-Ups of Experts bringing you the best in the know knowledge around.

  • Case Study’s of entrepreneurs and businesses representing the best of the best, and how you can get there too.

  • Massive Lists Identifying resources and the best way they can help you.

  • Resource Guides outlining strategies and tools to take you to the next level.

  • Behind-The-Scenes & Interviews with some of the biggest and best content creators out there and how they make it happen.


Where to Start?

There is a great page for you to get oriented on here. If you feel like you are ready to dig in and see what you can learn from some of the great posts, then here are some favorites to check out:


What About Jo?

For the past 15 years I have been digging through information in various states. In my pre-entrepreneurial life I was an Investigator. If you would like more information you can go here.

Whether my digging was through various investigative avenues or through interviews with different people, the bottom line is this: My research skills have been sharpened and put to the test in the most extreme situations. I have the skills to bring you the information that you need to thrive.


I specialize in Audience, Resource & Competition Research & Analysis.


I help businesses & entrepreneurs find  their competitive edge (differentiation) so that they can stand out from the crowd! Need help with this? Go here!


I’m happy to consider any requests you have for posts on information you want. Contact me and let me know what you need. I would be happy to hunt down information or provide reviews so that you can stop pulling your hair out.


Now I only have one more question for you. Are you ready to be in the know?



Congrats on the new site launch! It looks great!


    Thanks Justin!!! Hey, where did the mustache go on your picture?

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