What Michael Phelps Can Teach Us About Succeeding Online

The world knows Michael Phelps as the best swimmer in the world and the most successful athlete, ever, in Olympic history. He didn’t just impact a sport, he impacted an entire Olympic Games by winning his 22nd Olympic medal, 18 of which are gold, and 8 of those gold being from a single Olympics. His accomplishments are legend and will be remembered for years to come. But Phelps wasn’t always on the top of his game, and his story can teach everyone a valuable lesson.


 As a young boy Phelps was bullied and teased for his ‘big ears,’ lisp, and long arms. His father left the family and Phelps became a ‘difficult’ child with a volatile temper. Eventually, he was diagnosed with ADHD and put on Ritalin 3 times a day. Then his swim coach, Bob Bowman, sat him down with his family and presented them with an ‘all-in’ commitment of his time and passion. Their goal? The Olympics. The rest, as they say, is history.


 So What Does this Have To Do With Succeeding Online?


The online world is filled with massive amounts of information, and despite several thousands ‘get rich quick schemes’ out there, it is not somewhere you can achieve massive success with a half-ass effort. It takes hard and dedicated work to build and promote your online brand, and you have to be willing to dedicate a large majority of your time, and persevere over any obstacles in your path.


Most of the time, when you begin your online life there are ingredients to the winning formula that you are unfamiliar with. How to create a website, how to make a logo, how to add a widget, and what the heck is a widget anyway? There are so many ingredients, and then millions of resources to absorb in order to understand and apply those ingredients, that these can become barriers to your success unless you embrace the challenge they present.


Breaking Through Obstacles


Dedicate time consistently, preferably every single day, to learn the skills you need to build or improve. It takes this constant dedication to understand and build your business online. You not only have to learn skills, you have to apply these skills so you can prevent them from preventing you. Just as Phelp’s took an ‘all-in’ approach to his swimming career, so too must you take an ‘all-in’ approach to your online life.


This is not to say that you should disregard other areas of your life completely. Rather, it is to emphasize that to complete your vision for your business or create the impact you are looking to make, you are going to have to work your butt off to get there.  You have to be willing to spend the time learning what you need to learn and improving what needs improving, and this will mean making sacrifices in other areas. If you settle for anything less than total dedication to your project it will probably fall short of your goals and be nothing more than a hobby on the side.


How Bad Do You Want It?


You need to ask yourself how badly do you want your entrepreneurial dreams to come true. What is your end game and what will you do to get there? Are you willing to make sacrifices and spend the time to build your vision? If all you want to build right now is a hobby on the side, then that’s great for you, but know that when you want to shuffle the deck and grow your business, you have to go ‘all-in.’ The vast majority of online entrepreneurs are looking to build a business and get their message across to the rest of the world, and that is no small feat.


Michael Phelps’ success is a story of triumph over adversity, and perseverance above all else to achieve his dreams. When obstacles such as teasing or bullying got in his way he plowed them down and settled for nothing less than the best from himself. When someone beat him in a race (yes, it has actually happened a few times) he placed their picture on his locker to remind himself how much harder he needed to train and how much more he needed to push himself. So go ahead, prioritize your life, buckle down and go for it, because I’m asking you now, how badly do you want it? Let me know in the comments.



I never knew that Micheal’s story was so inspiring. Thanks for this Jolene.


    I’m happy that I could share such a great and inspiring story for you Vukasin! Hopefully it inspires you!


    Forestelf Сьогодні пройшовся засніженими вулицями Житомира в напрямку двох кінотеатрів. Звісно, що я думав, так воно і вийшло – не один кінотеатр, ні І. Франка, ні Україна не забажали постер вивісити, хоч би від руки ÐÐŒÂ°ÂÂ¼ÃÂ°ÃÂ»Ã‘ÂÃовý°Ð½Ð¸Ð¹ , як за радянських часів – нуль. Лише флаєри за прилавком в Україні. Сумно.

“Are you willing to make sacrifices and spend the time to build your vision? If all you want to build right now is a hobby on the side, then that’s great for you, but know that when you want to shuffle the deck and grow your business, you have to go ‘all-in.’”

Very, very true.

A lot of people become disillusioned when they don’t make enough money after pumping out just a few hours of freelancing here and there. They expect to grow a large income stream whilst also working full-time on another job. It can happen, but that’s no way to approach it if you’re being realistic.

Sometime you just have to bite the bullet and go for it.


    Thanks for stopping by Kaya! It is very true… half-in efforts will get half-in results!

      Just wanted to let you know I’ve copied down the new site address…so when time permits I’ll be able to visit. Again, the best to you.Cheers.(this may post twice..as I &#d622;hiccupe8…sorry᾵


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