Why You Should Ignore Optimal Posting Times & 5 Things To Do Instead

It’s all over the internet.

One person with a significant following does a study about when you should publish your blog posts and when you should send your emails to your subscribers… then it becomes gospel and is proclaimed all over the internet.


Then what happens?


Well Johnny Blogger said Monday was the best day to post, so now EVERYONE is doing it.


It’s like announcing a 1-2pm burger sale at Wendy’s, which influences everyone around you, and then you all end up standing in line together playing Angry Birds Star Wars on your phones.


Pretty soon you have 50 emails in your inbox and no burger.


So When Do The Studies Say You Should Post?


Let’s take this day by day so that you can understand what the ‘testers’ and Johnny Blogger are saying.


  • Monday: You will get the highest amount of traffic and page views to your blog, particularly if you post between 8-11am EST. Be original, like everyone else reading this post, publish at 9:38am EST. Either way, because of the competition, your post could just get lost in the noise.


  • Tuesday: You will get the second highest amount of traffic and page views to your blog. If you didn’t publish yet, do it now. If you post more than once a week, consecutive days have proven higher traffic, again early morning is better.


  • Wednesday: You will get the third highest amount of traffic and page views to your blog. If you still haven’t posted, do it early in the morning – while people are procrastinating starting their work day.


  • Thursday: This is Social Share day. More ‘stuff’ is shared on social platforms on Thursday than any other day. So spread the blog love and share the great posts you read! Like this one!


  • Friday: This is Twitter Retweet day. Significant amounts of content are retweeted, especially at 5pm EST. So while people are enjoying their commutes home from work bombard them with your greatness.


  • Saturday: This is Facebook Day. So while people surf Facebook without looking over their shoulders for their boss, it’s a good day to upload your latest blog posts or announcements. There is significant Facebook engagement on Saturday’s.


  • Sunday: This is family day. No significant data to report, other than some more Facebook engagement, so take the day off or at least take some of the day off.


What Else Do We Learn From The Studies?


There are plenty of studies out there that say different things, so if you are particularly interested in numbers, check out Dan Zarella‘s Science of Social Timing experiment. The information I collected for you is based on numerous studies I ploughed through to bring you the commonalities and stand-out features without getting confused by percentages. Here’s some more interesting information to consider:


  • More men read blogs at night than women

  • 11am EST is the highest peak for traffic

  • Blogs that post more than once per day will get significantly more links and page views than blogs that don’t.

  • If you publish multiple times a week, it is better to publish on consecutive days than separately if you want more traffic.

  • More people look at emails from 6am-10am EST or 2pm-5pm EST, any emails sent outside those windows will probably take a back seat to work. (Hint: Think commute times.)

  • Most emails are opened within an hour of being received, so we really need to time this right.

  • Reader engagement on posts is higher on the weekends.

  • Twitter click-through rates are highest on Wednesdays and Weekends around 12pm EST and 6pm EST.

  • Posting consistently gets you better links in a faster time period.



Why You Should Ignore The Studies


Something you have to remember when looking at any study is that they consider only the data set they are studying. These studies don’t take into account quality levels or your audience. You’re given some value to consider, but only at a general level. It is difficult to predict human behavior, especially across so many niche’s. Do your blog a favour and don’t post to the noise just because Johnny Blogger told you to.


5 Things You Should Do Instead


  1.  Think about your goal for that post: Reader engagement? Social Shares? Subscriptions? Page views? Then base your timing on that.

  2. Consider your audience time zone and culture: Just because Johnny Blogger commutes at 9am doesn’t mean your audience does, maybe they are all at the gym getting healthy.

  3. Consider the context of your post: What will your audience be doing while they are reading it? That could affect when you should publish. Depending on your niche, publishing a post about contagious diseases is probably not a good idea if your audience reads during their lunch hour.

  4. Run your own experiments: Determine if publishing when there is less competition and noise is better or if peak times work the best for your goals. This goes for blog posts and social media.

  5. Consider what is good for you and your schedule: If you have a post that goes viral and gets 100’s of comments make sure you are available to respond and engage with your audience.


The Bottom Line


Timing is important and something you need to consider when posting content online and emailing your subscribers. But the same timing is not going to be important for everyone. YOUR ‘best time to post’ is determined by your audience. Don’t listen to Johnny Blogger, use your own data!


Talk to me in the comments! What’s your timing strategy?

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Excellent read as usual Jo!

I chuckled at, “Pretty soon you have 50 emails in your inbox and no burger.”


    Ha Ha! Thanks Kaya very much for the support! Do us a favour and keep the burger sales to yourself eh?! Glad I could inform you and make you laugh at the same time!


    Having read this I believed it was very inomafrtive. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put this short article together. I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

I try to post three to five times a week. I schedule the posts for 4:00 am PST to hopefully grab the east coasters early enough in the morning and maximize the day. Whether it’s effective or not remains to be seen. It assumes that your target audience is aware of you, at least a little bit.

Based on what you’ve laid out, I am going to do my own study.

Thanks Jo!


    Thanks Terran! You definitely have the ability to build great links and traffic since you have frequent posts. You are so right, lots of studies make assumptions. Another great reason to test what really works best for YOU! Have fun experimenting!


    While I do;#28&17nt mind some puss or blood (who does?!) I think personally prefer seeing the chunky stuff, or that core come out. This was a nice end to my Day though! Lovely find!

Awesome post Jo. Friday and Thursday are my days because I am so in love with Twitter and social media.

Thanks for putting this together.


    Thank-you Herby and thanks for stopping by! I had fun putting it together! I’m glad you shared your days and why, it’s fascinating to me to hear the reasons!

      Bravo Stan!!! ça va chier! Il faut qu'il aligne ce Querrey, ce serait tellement beau!!! Car ensuite Youzhny ou Robredo, c'est prenable pour une place en dee!!s!miGO STAN GO!!Et pendant ce temps, Roger déroule.. fais nous rêver!!!

Great post Jo! I agree especially with The Bottom Line …”YOUR ‘best time to post’ is determined by your audience.” So true. Engagement is the key. I think that, sadly, many who are trying to communicate with their audience haven’t taken the necessary time/energy to get to know them. Instead of figuring out if their key demographic has a family and is busy on the weekends or are college students and check social media constantly or whatever else, they will just follow Johnny Blogger’s general trend like you mentioned above. It was the first old school communication lesson I can remember – know your audience.


    You definitely understand this Ricky!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing some great insightful thoughts. AUDIENCE is definitely the KEY! Take care, Jo

Hey Jo. I think people have long forgotten that they’re human beings and listening to some podcasts, I’m starting to have doubts about their authenticity. They let cold analyses rule their message and that is often more important that your benefit. E.g. One of the top passive income guys officially interviews blachatting but ‘successful’ ‘entrepreneurs’ or advises to use software to duplicate your articles and place them on multiple websites. I don’t like that. And you? Do you have similar thoughts?


    I agree that authenticity seems to mean different things to different people. It’s so important to be YOU online, and offline. I actually am just getting into podcasts more, so far they seem to be operated by pretty genuine people! There is definitely some crazy advice out there that people offer up! I don’t like advice that focuses more on quantitative measure over qualitative. I think that you up your quality and the numbers will follow.

      Ù§„˜ÂÂق:Øçلصفحة الرئيسية للموقع تفتح هنا في سوريا, لكنك لا تستطيع الضغط على زر الشراء بل تظهر مكانه رسالة بأن الهاتف غير متوفر في بلدك.

sorry I mean blackhatting 🙂


    No worries!

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